– an aesthetic attack on a societal behavior 

is a social art and awareness project that challenges our perception of societal norms in regards to form, colors and sizes – of both, the food we consume and the bodies we live in. 

Visit the exhibition from 27.9. – 6.10.2019 at 
Festival headquater, Althan Quartier, Julius-Tandler-Platz 3, 1090 Wien

We grow by our experiences, the society that
surrounds us and the experiences we make.
Our body grows with the food we feed it.
Our perception of food grows likewise 
with our experiences.

Food waste is one of the bigger societal challenges we face in Austria. A high percentage of produces goods does reach neither shop shelf nor our table, as it cannot stand up to predefined norms.  Moldy or wrinkled skin on natural goods are perceived as imperfect or even disgusting. 

Our society does something similar to the human body. Whatever is not perceived as the norm, experiences exclusion. Numerous people, in any stage of life, face mobbing or prejudicing in various forms. 

This is where this project starts.