Every day, tons of foods are destroyed because they do not comply with societal standards. And every day people are judged and condemned because they do not live up to certain ideals. But what is normal? What is different? And when did we allow ourselves the give away the freedom to answer these questions ourselves? 

Society’s attitude towards deviations from the norm is merciless. And we are part of that society. And precisely because this is the case, we have the opportunity to change it from within. But first, we have to recognize again the beauty and uniqueness that constitutes „being different“.

The project ‚GROWN this way‘ was Amina Stella Steiner’s answer and to an open call from Vienna Design Week and Creative Industries Austria. The concept was developed from scratch taking into account the given requirements for entering the contest. It was selected as one of five winning projects to be realized and exhibited at Vienna Design Week 19Discover the entry concept HERE.

By putting the pattern of sticking to learned norms in relation to both topics – food waste and discrimination upon looks – this project aims to positively influence our way of perceiving and consuming.


Project team 

Concept, photography and execution: Amina Stella Steiner 

Video and cut: Nicola Von Leffern 

Color grading: Jakob Carl Sauer

Graphic Design: Katja Sabando 

Models and interviewees

Bianca Rosemarie, Manuel Neumann, Aaron Brown Näckler, Alexandra Haselwander, Marcel Antonius Dalichau, Mahir Jamal, Martina Pauli, Vera-Sophie Horwarth, Nicola Von Leffern, Serena Madushani, Hassan Mamorafshord, Bianca Kübler, Anouk Lamm

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Amina Stella Steiner

Amina Steiner is an aspiring photographer and creative consultant. Combining her two biggest passions – sustainability and creativity – she aims to create positive change within a project and for society. The oriject ‚GROWN this way‘ at Vienna Design Week is her debut into the offline art-world. 

Web: www.stellamina.com/portfolio

IG: @_stellamina_